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The Referees Don't Hate Spurs, They're Just Bad At Their Job Sometimes

Maybe he's just bad at his job? (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Maybe he's just bad at his job? (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

You may remember when Tottenham Hotspur played Stoke. You'd remember that because Spurs lost a match they should have at least gotten a point out of. That statement isn't a matter of being the better team normally, but playing a lazy 90 minutes and wasting the match. No, Spurs should hav gotten a point because Chris Foy should have called a blatant penalty, or another penalty, or not disallowed a goal when Emmanuel Adebayor was at least two yards onside.

Those calls, among others, left Tottenham supporters rightfully outraged. At least one point was taken from them by Foy and the outrage led to some "referees hate us! Remember that other match when x happened and that match when y happened?!? This would never happen to [insert any other team here]."

This weekend, Foy refereed another match that a couple people were watching between a couple pub teams team called Manchester United and Manchester City. Vincent Kompany was sent off for a red card because Wayne Rooney told Foy it was two-footed and the quality of refereeing from start to finish can only be described in words that are inappropriate for young children. Then there's his refereeing of Chelsea vs. Queens Park Rangers and his refereeing of...crap, this list could get long. Point is, amazingly, other teams not named Spurs can be screwed too.

Hmmm maybe, Foy and all other refs don't hate Spurs? Maybe they just have bad days, or in the case of Foy, are just really bad at their jobs? Crazypants.

* The above is not directed at anyone in particular or even those on CFC. I just have a deep hate for "the ref hates my team" so I wrote nonsense about it