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Tim Sherwood insists he is not going to Blackburn

Tim Sherwood said that the reports linking him to the Blackburn managerial opening are just rumors.

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

Blackburn has a managerial opening after Steve Kean's resignation and Tim Sherwood became a candidate to take over. Why? Because it's a fun name to toss into the hat.

Sherwood wasn't exactly buying into it. He says he hasn't be contacted and is happy at Spurs so those rumors, well, yeah.

"That's all they are – just rumours," Sherwood said. "That's all I know about it.

"I've got a great job where I am. There ain't nothing to consider. It's just speculation. I love what I do. I'm happy at the football club, it's a great project."

As a former Blackburn player who captained the side in the 1995 title winning season, Sherwood is certainly a popular name at Ewood Park, but right now there is nothing to it.

For Spurs' part, Andre Villas-Boas says that neither Blackburn nor Sherwood has spoken with the club about the possibility of the Tottenham assistant taking over. Considering that is step one of the process, it is safe to say that Sherwood is not a candidate, at least not now.

Rumors are fun.