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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links October 10, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur Daily Links

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Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

Happy Wednesday Spursland! Welcome to the doldrums, the time during the international break when the beat writers assigned to cover domestic football teams have nothing to write about unless someone gets injured. In response to this they tend to find something outlandish to print and then they will write essentially the same story. Enjoy yourselves.

And now the "news"

Charlie Adam Calls Truce With Gareth Bale-Daily Star

Charlie Adam really likes putting in tackles on Gareth Bale that injure him. Like a lot. So it seems weird that he is the one calling a "truce" Nobody has been that big of a duck since Europeans asked for their first truce after giving the Native Americans those disease riddled blankets. (Editor's Note: Duck? What?)

Bale Won't Seek Revenge On Adam Says Allen-Telegraph

Am I the only one that thinks Gareth Bale's skill set lacks the tools necessary to "seek revenge" on Charlie Adam? I know he is a big guy but outside of throwing a punch, I mean what is he...Oh I see the English press had nothing to write about so of course, got it.

Bale Wins FAW

Bale wins The Welsh FA's Fans Player OF The Year Award, Narrowly beating out nobody since he got all the votes.

Coach: A Local Legend And A Young Man's Search To Find Himself-SB Nation

If you have ever had a coach that changed you as a person or have ever been a coach or wanted to coach a sport at the youth level, or watched/read Friday Night Lights read this now.

NFL Fashion Jerseys: 9 Ways To Be The Laughing Stock Of The Sports Bar-SB Nation NFL

I happen to disagree with the camouflage one, but whatevs.

Goddell Re-Suspends Players Involved In Bounty Gate-Canal Street Chronicals

Why? Because he is John Terry but with unlimited power within the governing body of his sport.

Donovan And Shea Out Of USMNT WC Qualifiers-Stars And Stripes FC

Eh, might as well get used to playing games that matter without the old man. Heaven help us and the creek don't rise.