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Danny Rose sent off during fight in England Under-21 game after reacting to alleged racist abuse

Danny Rose was sent off in England Under-21's win over Serbia for reacting negatively to being racially abused.

Srdjan Stevanovic - Getty Images

At the end of England Under-21's playoff victory over Serbia Under-21 in Serbia, the home side sent their goalkeeper forward for a free kick. It was cleared, which allowed England to attack an unmanned goal. Connor Wickham scored, which the Serbian fans weren't too happy about. A number of their fans started to throw garbage and other things onto the pitch, while some Serbian players started a fight.

In that video, you see Danny Rose attempt to walk away from a fight, then kick trash that had been thrown onto the pitch in anger. For that action, he was shown a second yellow card by the referee, meaning he will be suspended for the start of the UEFA Under-21 Euros unless his suspension is overturned.

If what's been alleged is true, it should be.

Danny Rose was essentially sent off for being racially abused and trying to walk away from a fight. Absolutely incredible. Hopefully, his suspension is overturned and Serbia's FA is subject to a hefty fine, if not other sanctions. This is not Serbia's first run-in with racism issues in the last couple of years.