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Serbian FA says Danny Rose is a liar

The Serbian FA is running a PR campaign against Danny Rose and the English FA. Fun times!

Srdjan Stevanovic

By now we've all heard the reports out of Belgrade of racist chanting towards Danny Rose and others on the England U-21 squad. Most of the time, what follows this will be a declaration from the offending country's FA condemning the "small minority" of supporters and promising to ban those involved from future matches following an inquiry. That's not what the Serbian FA has done. They've challenged Rose's claims that he heard the racist chanting throughout the match with this odd video that just seems to be the most boring compilation of touches you'll ever see.

Even though this footage is available for the viewing of Serbian FA president Tomislav Karadzic, he contends there is no problem.

"The Serbian people have never been, nor will be racist."

"Our history testifies to this and the crowd's reaction to the defeat should not be confused with one of the greatest evils of the modern era. We have great confidence in the authorities and UEFA to implement the correct procedures."

Of course, Karadzic taking some responsibility would be the correct procedure instead of waiting for punishment from UEFA. Rose needed to have thicker skin in the situation, but the Serbian FA accepting what's right in front of them might garner some social engagement from the Serbian people. That would likely do more to change the social culture of football in Serbia than fighting racism claims on YouTube.

The English FA aren't as dismissive and have reportedly sent UEFA enough evidence to back up Rose's claims. FA secretary Alex Horne has even hinted that they might not send another team to Serbia following this incident. It's not all indifference on the Serbian side however, as the Guardian notes that Serbia has recently formed the "National Council for the Prevention of Violence and Unsuitable Behavior at Sports Events" -- whose name is now the only rival to the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Want to Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.