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Contribute To The Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag!

Wheeler Dealer Radio needs your contributions!

Shaun Botterill

Ouch, that hurt. The blown lead against Chelsea still stings days later. But with a Europa League match on deck, the opportunity for a key victory looms. With only two draws in the first matches, this afternoon's match away to NK Maribor. Anything but a victory will see Spurs out of the advancing places halfway through the competition.

The Wheeler Dealer Radio crew is coming back at you right after the match to make sense of it all. We not only have the Maribor match to go over, but some deep analysis coming from the Chelsea match. Plus a big preview of the weekend's Southampton. But we definitely want you to contribute to what should be an fun show show. Give us all your questions on anything and everything Tottenham Hotspur. Want to contribute to the mailbag? Here's how:

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