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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 26, 2012

Tottenhan Hotspur daily links

Shaun Botterill

Happy Friday, Spursland! The Europa League should not exist. I know it serves a purpose (money), but it is just a crap tournament. The Champions League is a real tournament; it is the championship of Europe. The Europa League is for the championship of illusions. It is not a real championship. Sure, it has a trophy and you can gain revenue for your club, but is it even worth it? The added wear and tear on the players, the added travel, the exposure to substandard referees. I don't know, maybe I wouldn't be so upset if they just changed the name to NIT.

And now the "news"

Fredricks Recalled To London- Sky Sports

I have no idea why he was recalled because I don't really see him getting a lot of playing time with anyone around White Hart Lane unless there is a 12-year-old there to get Bale's autograph and they are just having a kick around while they wait. I imagine it will go something like this: "Hello, boys. Do you need another player? By the way, if you want I'll sign things for you. I'm a professional footballer! Just like Clint Dempsey." And then the kids say something like, "that's not true".

Spurs Draw In Country None Of Us Can Find On A Map- BBC

If you missed the game itself, the game thread here was full of reports that our opponents played using a strange, new style of play. I was interested to learn more about it so I had a friend of mine from Eastern Europe take a little trip to see if he could get some footage of them training. It is eye opening.

David Stern To Retire- SB Nation

No word as yet on who will now be in charge of fixing the games and licking Lebron's shoes.

Introducing Polygon A Video Game Website Our Parent Company Would Like You To Also Look At- SB Nation

That condescending title brought to you by my past self. The self that saw that Polygon existed and wrote a title before it went to the site and saw that it was totally ninja.

How Do You Improve Real Madrid- SB Nation Soccer

On some level, isn't that fact that someone asked this question insulting to every other team that exists?