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Monday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for October 29, 2012

Daily Tottenham Hotspur news and links.

Richard Heathcote

So, this Hurricane thing is apparently a pretty big deal and after acting like a big tough guy all last week theroosevelts is unable to write the Hoddle this morning for some reason. He'll claim it is because he is locked in a house with 18 teenagers that may or may not have a desire to cause him physical harm, but that's just an excuse. In reality, theroosevelts is very afraid of rain and wind and seems to have an unnatural fear of using computers when it is both windy and rainy. As a result, you're stuck with me writing this thing.

And now the "news":

Five Most Promising Spurs Youth Players - Bleacher Report

Yes, that's right. I just linked to a Bleacher Report article. That's what happens when I get put in charge of the Hoddle.

Sandro Is, Like, Totes the Bestest - 101 Great Goals

Sandro has been one of the best players for Tottenham Hotspur this season and between this block and his helicopter thing a few weeks ago he is also showing the potential to be one of the most GIFable players in all of the English Premier League.

Apparently Players Aren't The Only Ones Using Racial Slurs - SB Nation

I'll be honest. I wasn't surprised when I heard that Chelsea had filed a complaint against referee Mark Clattenberg. His officiating was pretty horrendous and the red card for Fernando Torres was questionable at best. It turns out, however, that the complaint centered around Clattenberg using "inappropriate language" towards to Chelsea players, including an alleged racial slur against John Obi Mikel. I don't know for sure what, if anything was said and I don't want to be drawn into speculation, but I do want to say that IF officials are using racist language, then football has an even bigger problem than we all though. This stuff is getting absurd.

Marcus Lattimore Suffers Horrific Knee Injury - SB Nation

Don't worry, this is not a link to the GIF or video of the injury. This is merely a link to a bunch of stories about an incredible athlete who suffered a horrible injury. I've always been in favor of the NFL's policy on keeping players in college for at least three years, but after seeing what's happened to the obviously talented Lattimore the last few season I can't help but wonder if it's really that good of an idea after all.

The Two Rogers - SB Nation

I love that SB Nation has started to do more long form pieces. I used to love baseball. Now I'm more of a casual fan. I haven't watched a full baseball game in years, mostly because I can't stand watching my favorite team. This piece however, reminded me of exactly why I love baseball. It's all about the personalities, even the ones of the people who cover it.