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Franco Baldini won't become Tottenham Director in the near future

Franco Baldini, who is rumored to be in the running for the Director of Football job at Tottenham Hotspur, went full-out scathing on the press in Rome on Wednesday.

Paolo Bruno - Getty Images

Franco Baldini might become Tottenham Hotspur's Director of Football next season, but it doesn't look like he'll be departing AS Roma in the near future. He was a bit upset during a press conference that was held on Wednesday morning, where he lashed out at the press and assured everyone that he was happy at Roma.

Quotes from the original interview can be found at Corriere Dello Sport. English translation of the quotes is below from

"There are continuous rumours regarding my departure and others thing. This is mortifying. I said when I arrived that I would stay in Rome until the end of this club path or when they would tell me to go away. And this has never happened, in fact I was always confirmed confidence by the club. I would leave in the event of physical exhaustion but despite your efforts is far from happening. I say again, this is humiliating. I have no disagreement into the club and we have built a friendship pretty strong, maybe because we spend 15 hours a day together. I want to reiterate that neither Fenucci, nor Sabatini, nor Baldissioni nor myself have never had any problems. All that has been said is completely false."

Does this mean that Baldini won't be employed by Tottenham at some point? Absolutely not, but it means that the rumors of his imminent departure and his rift with management at Roma were bogus. Expect Tottenham to continue without a director of football this year, especially if Daniel Levy has his sights set on making a run at Baldini next summer.

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