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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 5, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur news and links

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland! And happy long fall weekend to all you students out there in commentariatland. I hope you all enjoy the trip home, and mom doing your laundry for you again, you lazy entitled poop stains. But not really.

As for our little outing in Greece, well, I can't say I am surprised that team faded late considering how many players are in our usual starting XI. But let's not be too upset over being second in our group after two games in a European competition. That is like being pissed that Scarlett Johansen/Johnny Depp wouldn't give you their number, but then Alison Brie/Jon Hamm walks right up and asks you out. That analogy brought to you by Me Pretending to be Chicken, aka #thechickening

Don't Write Us Off Says AVB -Sky Sports

I don't think anyone in the press is writing the team off. I think they are more writing them bad sports soap opera treatments, but instead of shopping them directly to television networks they are just printing them as facts in newspapers.

I Have Absolutely No Idea What This Is About But It Popped Up On Tottenham's NewsNow Feed- Harry Hotspur

...and it is a tour de force of incoherence. I had no idea so much confusion could be packed into such a small word count.

AVB: Europa League Important -ESPN

Okay, I see what happened here -- just a bit of a language barrier. (Did you know he is foreign? I know right?) What he obviously meant was "the Europa League is important".

Harrison Twins Choose Kentucky Over Maryland- SB Nation

Cartilage Free Reader, SB Nation DC correspondent, and guy I have twice drunkenly stumbled up to in a bar Brendan Darr is not taking this news well. So be nice little darlings and shoot him a tweet politely asking him to confirm there are no lacerations on his wrists.

Should A Triple Crown Automatically Ensure You An MVP Award?- SB Nation

The answer is YES you idiotic baseball nerds. Take a break from your saber metrics and realize that this is the first Triple Crown since The Six Day War. If you don't think this is special enough then you baseball nerds (aka people who watch baseball games that their team of support aren't involved in) are just as bad as the people described here. Now sit their in the corner and think about what you have done! (Editor's note: Mike Trout should be the MVP. Miggy's Triple Crown is amazing, but Trout also did things that have never been done before. Also, he was better this year.)

Most Watchable Movie Tournament, Wild Card Round- Progressive Boink

um...shit just got real.

Karim Benzema Rides His Bicycle, Hard- SB Nation Kick Ball

I'll say it. Better than Rooney's.