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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 1, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Jamie McDonald

Happy November, Spursland! I think yesterday confirmed one of two things that I have suspected for a long long time: Spurs are the best bad team ever I have ever seen, or they are one of the worst good teams I have ever seen. It is ridiculous how much of a 180 they do during the same game. Is anyone out there a sports psychologist and wouldn't mind donating some counseling hours to this team? Maybe you could then violate your ethics oath and share the results with me because I gots to know.

And now the "news"

AVB Not Blaming Loris- Sky Sports

Speak for yourself. He blew that game. #chickenbaiting

Club Statement On Caulker Charges-

Or to summarize, "WTF"

DC United And Red Bull Switch Home Legs in The Wake Of Sandy- SB Nation Soccer

So before this storm I was a huge dismissive prick who made a huge deal about how this storm wouldn't really do anything. I won't give you the details, but suffice to say I won't be doing that anymore. Hopefully you guys all came through safe.

Arsene Believes The First Half Against Reading Did Not Happen- The Short Fuse

Because of course he does. Dare I say it, this guy is the George Lucas of football. Think about it, someone who once produced something great and who has since produced nothing but failure and is become completely delusional due to being surrounded by yes men/women.

Arsenal Cannot Go On Defending Like This- SB Nation Soccer

No they can, and they should.