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Jermaine Jenas' Nottingham Forest Loan Extended

Jermaine Jenas has seen his one month loan with Nottingham Forest extended another two months.

Paul Gilham

Jermaine Jenas is staying away, everyone. After moving to his former club Nottingham Forest last month on a one-month deal, Jenas has seen his loan extended. The midfielder will now be plying his trade at the City Ground for at least another two months.

Jenas has found some success back at Forest, appearing in four games and scoring once. Jermaine has been something of a super-sub and may be finding a role that can suit him going forward in football. The Reds seem to agree, viewing Jenas as an asset with Forest just a point away from the playoff places in the Championship.

What's the big perk for Tottenham out of this loan-extension? Another two months of not having to pay Jenas' wages. Trying to save money seems to be the optimal goal with Jenas, as the midfielder is on the last year of his contract. There seems to be little hope that Jenas will ever again contribute to Tottenham Hotspur. But the erstwhile midfielder can at least find some success in The Championship and save Spurs some money in the process.