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Three Charged In Olympic Stadium Espionage Claim

Police had been investigating claims made by West Ham and Olympic Park Legacy Company, which Spurs deny, now three men will appear in court.

Clive Rose

Remember back when Tottenham Hotspur were trying to decide if they would continue to play games in North London or if they were going to move to the Olympic Stadium? I know I barely remember that. It seems like the Northumberland Development Project has been the future of the club since back in 2005. However, Tottenham and Daniel Levy were once very seriously interested in the Olympic Stadium. So interested that West Ham United accused Tottenham of spying on the Hammers efforts to secure the stadium for themselves.

Three people, Richard Michael Forrest, 30, Lee Stewart, 39, and Howard Hill, 58, are all due to appear in court on November 28 on charges of fraud, according to the Mirror. The Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) chairwoman, Baroness Ford, claimed in November 2011 that Spurs had all 14 members of her board monitored by private investigators. Spurs, of course, denied any such wrongdoing.

There was a deal with West Ham and Newham Council to use the stadium in Stratford, east London, after the 2012 Games, but that collapsed in October 2011. Tottenham had already lost out to West Ham in the race to become the OPLC's first choice to move into the stadium after the Olympics.