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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 16, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

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Jamie McDonald

Happy Friday Spursland! Thanksgiving week and the hell that is traveling has arrived. Now, while many, if not most, of you will be heading home or wherever it is you go this Wednesday a lot of you will be good and gone by Monday. I urge you to be safe while traveling, but also to NOT LEAVE ME ALONE WHEN I AM STUCK WITH MY FAMILY. Seriously, there was a comment yesterday that this site's comments section was more like a neighborhood bar than a place to just comment on articles about our favorite team. A truer statement has never been spoken. Many of us really are much more friends than just people who post on a blog So while you are at home this holiday season with people who you love, who also drive you insane, just come on back here. I'll probably be around. We can talk about stuff, maybe remember a time when the questions your mother asks you about who you're dating didn't come with so much guilt or pressure.

We are the Commentariat, and we are going to get through the holidays together.

And now the "news"

Spurs To hold Race Talks With Group That Doesn't Get It And Group That Should Clearly Be Out Doing More Important Things-Sky Sports

I would just like to take this time to remind people that John terry is still allowed to play football despite being guilty of actually offending people since like forever, but people are focusing on a for lack of a better way of saying it historically Jewish club saying yiddo.

AVB Counting On Adebayor To Score A Rage Hat trick Against Arsenal, Or Something-The Guardian

Ade, if you are reading this. We need some trolling like only you can troll.

Lloris: Playing Second Fiddle Is Tough-Telegraph

More so when your national team manager is pissing people off.

Zaltan, In Other Media-SB Nation Soccer

I found "Zaltan Wars" to be the bestest.

Arsenal Injury Report-The Short Fuse

So, according to this Arsenal fans seem to hate meaningless international friendlies just as much as we do. There is more that unites us than divides us... still fuck them.

Most Watchable Movie Tournament, And The Winner Is-Progressive Boink

I won't ruin the result, but the people made the right decision.