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Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur: That was super fun you guys

Emmanuel Adebayor, from hero to goat in six minutes!

Clive Rose

Emmanuel Adebayor got Tottenham Hotspur off to a brilliant start with a stunning opening goal against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. For the next six minutes, Tottenham looked like the far better team and very likely to score a second goal. Then Adebayor got sent off for a terrible, high, studs-up challenge. That ended the game. Arsenal went on to win 5-2.

Obviously, lots of teams go down to 10 men and do not concede five goals. The players who remained on the pitch didn't play well enough, and Andre Villas-Boas probably got a bit too risky. But in any event, things were going well until Adebayor did something insanely stupid, and then Spurs fell apart.

I don't feel like analyzing what Villas-Boas did with 10 men, or how Spurs defended with 10 men. I don't really care. Arsenal deserved to win and Tottenham deserved to lose because Adebayor made an insanely stupid mistake and his team fell apart. I doubt I'll get to a point where I think any further analysis is worthwhile.

I'm not actually that disappointed about the loss. I'm just disappointed that Adebayor robbed us of what should have been a close and all-around brilliant game.