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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 60: North London Blues

Wheeler Dealer Radio is back with a fresh episode, talking the Arsenal loss, looking at the youth movement, tackling a fun mailbag and previewing the upcoming Lazio and West Ham matches.

Clive Rose

Another rough North London Derby. Spirits are low around Tottenham Hotspur. But Wheeler Dealer Radio is back to make sense of it all. A two man pod today, as Mechanick hosts and Ed provides the insights.

We kick off with a long review of the Arsenal match, trying to figure out what went right and went wrong outside of the stupidity of Adebayor's red card. There's more discussion about the Spurs youth movement, and whether or not Miralem Pjanic is a transfer possibility. After that we're on to a fun mailbag, talking tactics and form. We wrap it all up by previewing Thursday's Europa League match against Lazio and the weekend's West Ham match.

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