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Saturday football open thread

Tottenham Hotspur aren't playing today. Lots of teams are. Talk about it.

Peter Macdiarmid

Harry Redknapp is the new Queens Park Rangers manager, if you haven't seen. He won't be managing QPR against Manchester United this weekend, but he'll be in attendance as the Red Devils play like complete crap, then squeak out a winner in the final 10 minutes.

The day starts with West Brom against Sunderland, which might actually be a decent game. Arsenal takes on Aston Villa in the late Premier League game. If you're into stuff in other countries, Catania and Parma play today's only Serie A game, Schalke and Frankfurt play the Bundesliga's best match of the week at 9:30 a.m. ET, and Real Madrid head to Betis late this afternoon.

If you really want to talk about footbaw, I guess this is the place for that too. I assume a lot of you will be watching that today. I have no interest in today's footbaw games, because they're all dumb. Chat away.