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The FA Opens Investigation Into Anti-Semitic Chanting at White Hart Lane

The Football Association has opened an investigation into the anti-Semitic chanting by the away West Ham support during Sunday's Tottenham Hotspur-West Ham match.

Jamie McDonald

Sunday was a great day for Tottenham Hotspur, as the team broke its rut of poor form by defeating West Ham United 3-1 at White Hart Lane. However, the match was marred by anti-Semitic chanting from the visiting West Ham United supporters. Reports from The Guardian's Jacob Steinberg lists behaviors such as:

"Nazi salutes, hissing to mimic the gas chambers and chants of 'Adolf Hitler, he's coming for you', 'You're getting gassed in the morning" and 'Viva Lazio'"

In response, The Football Association has announced that they are investigating the chanting. West Ham United have issued their own statement, saying that any supporter who was caught chanting will face a lifetime ban from the club. Correspondingly, West Ham's Israeli midfielder Yossi Benayoun has voiced his displeasure, stating his disappointment in the fan's chanting.

After the events with West Ham, attacks and anti-Semitic chanting in the Lazio ties, and swirling controversy over "The Y-Word", it seems that the issue of anti-Semitic abuse in English football is coming to a head. If actual bans come out of this, with the offending clubs admitting responsibility, then we may see a new paradigm emerge in football--where clubs are responsible for their supporters' chants.