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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 28, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Giuseppe Bellini

Happy Spursday, Spursland! With all the racial abuse and talk about oppressive language being used in and around our team these last few weeks I think today is totes that day we get to move past it. I mean, what could happen playing against a team with Luis Suarez?

And now the "news"

AVB Goes "Fishtown" On Redknapp Over Defoe- Sky Sports

Allow me to explain: I have a friend named Suzanne who is delightful and sweet. She hails from a rather rough section of Philadelphia called Fishtown where people are tough and are, like, all up in your face, man. Now sometimes when someone is kind of being a dick to her or her family the sweet goody goody girl goes away and she draws a line in the sand. She says something like "come at me bitch" and there is fire in her eyes. You know blood is about to spill. We call that "going Fishtown". AVB just went Fishtown.

Lazio Wear Anti-Racism Kits During Game- BBC

Which does nothing to curb the problems they have in the stands. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate you doing anything at all, but this is about the weakest response you could have.

Racism In Sports: Kicking Out The Y-Word- The Guardian

All I will say is that this is not a simple thing, though it is often presented as such. Agree with this opinion or not, it is never in anyone's best interest to present something very complicated as something simple or basic.

Long Time DC United President Kevin Payne Decamps For Toronto- SB Nation Soccer

If it was someone who hadn't accomplished so much and been with a club so long I would have felt betrayed. But all I can do is wish Ole KP the best in Toronto.

I Hate The MLS Playoffs- SB Nation Soccer

Keep in mind that this guy's team is IN THE FINALS! That's some strong hate.

Kevin Wrote About His Love Of Harry- SB Nation Soccer

It was like he turned my feelings into words.