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Tottenham Hotspur Wish List: Strikers

It's the holiday season which means we're getting closer to the January transfer window. Here are some strikers that should be on Tottenham Hotspur's wish list.

Giuseppe Bellini

So, I just sent my mom my Christmas list. Yes, I still send my mother a Christmas list. Yes, that probably makes me a big loser. Can we get back to what I was trying to say? This list got me thinking about what players should be on Tottenham Hotspur's wish list for the January transfer window. I figured the logical place to start with this wish list would be strikers. Let's just assume that Tottenham still have £20 million in Luka Modric money. So anyone costing more than that is probably out.

Tottenham have two senior strikers. Jermain Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor have rarely been available for selection at the same time. This was, of course, thanks in large part due to Adebayor's lack of fitness and his red card against Arsenal. Sure, people will argue that Clint Dempsey can fill in at striker in a pinch and if it will keep you quiet I'm willing to concede that point. That doesn't change the fact that Spurs still need one more striker. Here's who they might be looking at.

Loic Remy: He's still at Marseille, but he's now allegedly sought by QPR and their new boss Harry Redknapp. I suppose that makes sense. Remy always did seem like a guy Harry really wanted and QPR have some money now, so it could definitely happen.

Klas Jan Huntelaar: I want him at Tottenham Hotspur so badly. I don't care what you have to say about him. He's on a free this summer, so it would behoove Schalke to move him now and make some money. Most of the rumors I've seen peg him at about £7 million. The problem is that the Dutch striker has been linked with about every good English team that need a striker. Meaning Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Spurs are all after him, despite there being no offers yet. Given that competition I'm not counting on him coming to Tottenham.

Fernando Llorente: Another player who's probably on the move in January is this beautiful Basque striker. He's had an epic falling-out with Athletic Bilbao and is definitely looking for a way out. Unfortunately he looks like he's headed to Juventus for only 7 million Euros. That price is ridiculous. It makes me very sad to see a player like Llorente going for such a low fee when I know that we once paid £13.7 million for Roman Pavlyuchenko.

Leandro Damiao: He's not coming.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: I can't spell this guys name, but everyone loves him. I'm personally not impressed with his goal returns. 18 last season and 8 thus far this season aren't bad and at 23 he certainly has all the necessary physical tools, but I'm not sure I want to spend too much on him. The Mirror says he's being lined up by Newcastle and Aston Villa for £10 million. Toon seems like a much more likely destination.

Demba Ba: Still has that crazy low release clause, but he's going to be at the African Cup of Nations in January and February, so that doesn't really help Tottenham any.

Roberto Soldado: Has had two stellar seasons for Valencia and we heard his name bandied about on several occasions over the summer. Valencia seem to always have money problems so moving the 27 year-old striker might become necessary. He is, however, not exactly the type of hold-up player that Tottenham Hotspur really need.

Alvaro Negredo: Negredo has been linked with Spurs on numerous occasions. I think the first time was back during the Juande Ramos era. The Sevilla striker had an excellent season in 2010-11 scoring 26 goals, but he followed that up with a more pedestrian 14, but has managed to find the net 7 times this season in only nine appearances. He's a big powerful striker and might be a good fit for Spurs at the right price.

Pretty Much Anyone From The Eredivisie: There's so many people to list here. There's Jozy Altidore (/dismissive wanking motion), Wilfried Bony, Tim Matavz (YAY!), etc. Lots of these guys are good and young and would be relatively inexpensive. The problem is that Tottenham probably need a world class striker to push them over the hump this season. None of these guys are world class yet. As players for the future they'd be great, but as immediate first team contributor? I'm not sold.

Someone from Belgium: Being Belgian is a very in thing right now. Tottenham used to have a lot of Croatians, now we should try to grab a lot of Belgians. Christian Benteke has looked really good at Villa, but I think his compatriots Jelle Vossen of Genk and Dries Mertens of PSV are even better. Again, neither are world class and neither is really the sort of target man that Tottenham Hotspur need, but gosh they'd sure be nice to have.

Wow. That post actually turned out to be way more depressing than I thought it would be. Doesn't look like we'll sign any of those guys and even if we do they might not really fulfill a need. Maybe we can convince Manchester City to loan us Eden Dzeko.