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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 29, 2012

Tottenham "hell yeah the week is over" links

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Julian Finney

Happy Friday, Spursland! Welcome to the last day of your work week (probably?). You know what, no hidden messages or agendas today. It's tough coming back from these early winter mini-vacation sounding holidays. You guys earned this by coming back so strong this week.

And now the "news"

Roma Supporters Banned For Tottenham Attack-BBC

Banned is great but I await news of the prison term they will be serving.

JD Dismisses Rumors Of Exit-Sky Sports


Dempsey Says He Is Grateful To Fulham, Then Talks Some Shit-The Guardian

It takes a special person to tell someone you are grateful and then do this .

Bale Not For Sale Says AVB-Telegraph

Hey Madrid, that sound you are hearing is someone preparing to go Fishtown.

The Greatest Fan Costume Ever-SB Nation Look It

Eh, it's kind of bro-ish isn't it.

Playoffs Are Awesome But MLS Could Make Them Better-SB Nation Soccer

Well no doi.

The Designated Player Cures Is Over-SB Nation Soccer

I like that MLS can bring in players and pay them what they are worth but I also dislike that they often are not that much better, proportional to the gap in salary, to many players making the league minimum. The league min. is something like $40k. Not bad for a career that at best will last you about 10 years. Then again, I am a DC United fan, and have been putting up with Branko Boskovic for years. At least Beckham and Henry are good.