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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 5, 2012

Tottenham hotspur daily links

Clive Rose

Happy Monday, Spursland! That was embarrassing. Watching that game and the performance the team put forth made you just want to hide. I don't know how the players felt walking off the pitch, but if I had to guess, it had to be similar to how you would feel if you crapped your pants while giving a presentation to a medium sized audience. Which makes sense since the way you handle both situations is basically the same: you go home cloaked in self loathing, clean yourself off and come back the next day to try a bit harder.

And now the "news"

Remember Eduardo? Yeah, He Is A Dick- Sky Sports

Because we all know that Arsenal are the bigger and better club than Manchester City.

Roberto Martinez Says Smart Thing- ESPN.

This is just my way of starting up the inevitable screaming match in the comments section about our decision to hire AVB.

Who Is The Most Cuddliest Manager Of The All- SB Nation Soccer

Don't click on this link if you plan on sleeping tonight.

Intrer Break Juventus' Undefeated Streak- SB Nation Soccer

Now I don't watch Serie A for the same reason I don't watch the NBA. I don't mind if some players use PEDs, but I do mind when I have a better than 50% chance that the game is fixed. I am sure that this win was legit

Mancini And Monaco- Bitter And Blue.

I think the employees of Man City have similar professional politics as trophy wives. Eventually you just know they are going to get rid of you for a newer model, and probably sooner than they really needed to.