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Tottenham's NextGen Side Take Chances, Beat Barcelona At Home

Excellent perfomances from Coulthirst and Pritchard sufficed for Tottenham's development side to sink the Catalans at the Nou Camp on Wednesday night.

Jasper Juinen

Barcelona would probably be rated by most people as the best team in the world at football (2-1 defeats to Celtic nonwithstanding). Eleven men in Tottenham shirts beat 11 men in Barcelona shirts 4-1 in a 90-minute game of football in the NextGen series on Wednesday night. Therefore, Tottenham's youth side is the greatest in the world at this moment in time. Logic!

Idiocy aside, there were a great many positives to take away from the Tottenham youngsters' win at the Nou Camp, the latest in a string of impressive results for Alex Inglethorpe's developmental team. The headline will be the perfect hattrick notched up by Shaquile Coulthirst, who sealed his treble with a header around 60 minutes which spelled defeat for a Catalan side that had enjoyed early domination in the game.

A further plus point was that Alex Pritchard continued his run as Tottenham U19s' breakout star of the season with an excellent performance rounded off with the Spurs' final hour in the 73rd minute. If pulling the strings to mastermind a stunning victory against Barcelona's future superstars isn't enough to secure the young playmaker a decent loan deal in the near future, I just don't know what will at this point.

In a sense, this victory is bittersweet if it serves as one of Alex Inglethorpe's final games at the helm of the Spurs development side ahead of a rumoured switch to Liverpool. Clearly the project he has taken over in recent seasons has been a resounding success, and one can only hope his successor can coax similar performances from our young stars. But let's appreciate what we've got while we still have it, ‘it' in this case of course being our U19s besting Barcelona's on their home turf. Happy days.