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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 9, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Richard Heathcote

Happy Friday Spursland! So I have been thinking, we might just need to switch our formation to a 4-4-2. I think it just might work. So if, you know that happens be sure to give me credit and to tell everyone how smart I am.

And now the "news"

AVB Hails Defoe Hat Trick - Sky Sports

No word yet on the rumor that at the end of the game Defoe walked up to Andre and said, "That's why you don't sub JD, broseph."

Defoe Passes Sheringham On Tottenham All Time Scoring List - Soccerway

That puts him at 8th and in tremendous company, way to go JD.

A History Of The Rome Derby In One Thousand Words Or Less - SB Nation Soccer

So it turns out they are both fascists, who knew?

SB Nation's Europa League Roundup - SB Nation

Cavani gives none of the fucks, like zero of them.

A Season Long Lockout Would Hurt The Kings Most Of All - Jewels For The Crown

Wait, there is a lockout? I was wondering why I hadn't seen more of Barry Melrose's mullet now that the seasons have changed.

Volleyball Spike Takes Out Opponent's Face, Also A Fan's Legs-SB Nation

That is playing with an edge people.