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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 12, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Richard Heathcote

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! What is going on around here? It is yet another day without a football governing body doing something stupid or racist AND we don't have a midweek game. Maybe this Mayan thing isn't real, but there is something going on here. I bet the New Zealanders have something to do with this. You can't trust the Kiwis. There is something shifty about a bunch of white people getting away with calling anything "The All Blacks".

And now the "news"

Spur Specific Hashtag Is Used A Lot-

I think I am responsible for at least 30% of this.

In Case You Were Wondering, Stevie P Really Enjoyed Scoring On Us- Kick Off

Have you ever broken up with someone in, let's say, a not nice way? It might not have been your fault that it sucked for them, but it sucked nonetheless. Has that person then immediately just schooled the crap out of you? Yeah, it was kind of like that.

Bradford City Stun Arsenal In League Cup, Are My Heros- SB Nation Soccer

League 2 side beats top tier giants WHO PLAYED THEIR FIRST TEAM! I am sorry I need to say that again. THEIR FIRST TEAM. This is why cup football, which might annoy us occasionally, is just awesome. Now if you are thinking to yourself "man, Arsenal fans must be having meltdowns right now", let me tell you something -- you are right. For example, our very own Sabrina. Oh my, god bless us everyone.

Back On The Ice: A Title IX Trailblazer And The Best Women's Hockey Coach In America Rebuilds- SB Nation

Read this. It's one of those stories that needs to be told, but will never end up on SportsCenter because Tim Tebow sharted that day.

First Female Fight In The UFC Also Brings First Openly Gay Fighter- MMA Fighting

It is no mystery why it has taken this long for there to be an openly gay fighter. What is surprising is why this isn't getting more coverage.