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Gareth Bale rumors: You're going to hear this for the next six weeks

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Yep, this is a thing agin.

Jan Kruger

Guess what, kids? You're going to have to listen to rumors about how Real Madrid, Barcelona, and possibly Manchester City are after Gareth Bale until the end of January. We all know that there is absolutely no price that will get Daniel Levy to sell his best player in the middle of the season, but papers are going to throw them out there anyway, because you are sheep and you will click.

There are two on the rags of the internets today, which I found particularly entertaining. The first says that Real Madrid are going to bid £57m for Gareth Bale, which they're funding by selling Marcelo to Chelsea. Thanks for that, Daily Star. The second comes from the highly reputable Express, who is also saying that Madrid will bid for Bale in January.

Is there a chance that Bale asks to leave if Tottenham go another couple seasons without getting back to the Champions League? Yes, of course. In fact, I would call that likely. But he's not leaving in January, and I apologize for all of the 'Gareth Bale to Real Madrid?' articles you're going to have to endure across the internet this winter.