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Scott Parker's role: What do you think it should be?

We need your votes, fine people of the internet.

Mike Hewitt

I sat down to write a post about what Scott Parker's potential role in the Tottenham Hotspur team could be upon his return to full fitness, and I decided that I'd like to have the opinion of other fans before I wrote this. I think that we have a lot of differing opinions on Parker at the moment, and I'd like to hear everyone's take.

There was a point where Parker was an indispensable member of the Tottenham side and an automatic first choice player. A lot of people feel like he should still start when he gets back to full fitness. Even more people probably think he's a solid situational starter, and a lot of people probably think his age and Sandro's form make him nothing more than a backup at this point.

Below, you can find a poll with a whole bunch of weird options. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say, and I'm scared we might end up in formation/personnel fantasyland.