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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 13, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Richard Heathcote

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Oh look, it is that time of the year again. The time when all the popular kids start flirting with our man Gareth. I've heard that Jose Mourinho has been trying to send Bale secret messages by recommending certain songs for him every time they just "happen" to bump into each other. Roberto Mancini was recently seen shopping for a boombox. Barcelona is even rumored to be making a bet with Madrid! Jokes on them. though. I know for a fact that Dan Levy was seen tuning his guitar just yesterday, so suck it.

And now the "news"

Tottenham's Most Recent Unicorn Denies Having A Deal Set With Juve- Sky Sports

So good news, we might still be in the running to sign him even though Vilas Boas has already stated that he does not plan to spend big in January.

Could Tottenham Be Set To Bring In Snjeijder- Sports Mole

No, they could not be. (Editor's note: Roosevelts is a dream killing hate machine)

Arsenal's Loss To Bradford, A Meaningless Loss For A Meaningless Team- SB Nation Soccer

Well that was a bit mean spirited. For any Arsenal fans that wandered in here and are now sad, I suggest you cheer yourself up with this. After all, it is the season of giving.

Goals Of The Week Post Falcao Hangover Edition- SB Nation Soccer

My favorite is number three, but it's not like I am objective. i have a weakness for the long range chip. I won't apologize for that.

Roger Goodell Looking To Expand NFL Playoffs To 14 or 16 Teams- SB Nation