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Commentariat Holiday Party Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

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Paul Gilham

Happy holiday party, Spursland! Welcome to our day of togetherness; a day when we celebrate the holiday season together with our internet friends who happen to like the same sports team as us! And how do we celebrate, Spursland? With GIFs! We are going to make the tragic numbers on GIFsoup spike. We are going to turn whoever owns imgur into...well, an even more rich billionaire. Post anything you would like and post holiday songs you love. Just post the things that make you and maybe us happy. Merry Christmas, gang. Happy Chanukah.

And now the "news"

AVB Content With Win- Sky Sports

Yes, just content, at least that is what tells the media. However I captured this raw footage of him behind closed doors post match. No news as yet as to whether this is in response to the win or the news that there will be additional episodes of the new season of Arrested Development.

Swansea Furious That Play Was Not Stopped After Michu Injury- Telegraph

I have to agree that play should have been stopped, especially since Michu looked more than probably dead. Possibly even mostly dead.

Marketing Missteps Could Kill New Women's Pro League Before It Starts- SB Nation Soccer

My god what a shitty, shitty name.

Zambia FA Disputes Messi Record- SB Nation

Of course it is Zambia. it is always Zambia! I mean, come on, you just know Malawi would never try this kind of gag.

10 Ways David Moyes Can Punish Fellaini Himself- SB Nation Soccer

My personal ideas include watching an entire season of Big Rich Texas straight through, hearing Joe Rogan's inner monologue at all times and being chained to a rock where an eagle comes every day and eats your liver.

Tom Brady, Good Tackler- SB Nation

Yup, you are going to feel pretty bad about yourself for awhile. You are going to feel like maybe you are less of a man, and that is because you are.