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UEFA Europa League draw, 2013 knockout stages: Possibilities for Tottenham

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See who Tottenham Hotspur can potentially draw in the Europa League.

Richard Heathcote

I know you, Cartilage Free Captain reader. You've been sitting around thinking "who is it possible for Tottenham Hotspur to draw in the Europa League?", and then you didn't go figure it out for yourself because you're lazy. So, so lazy. Because you're basically a sloth, we decided to do all of the work for you. With the neat thinger below, you can mouse over Tottenham Hotspur and see all of the teams that they can draw. Obviously, you can do it with everyone else too.

We'll post more about the potential matchups, but for now, I'll give two nightmare draws and two preferred draws.


Benfica: They haven't been as good since selling Axel Witsel, but they're top of the table in Portugal for a reason. They've adjusted to their new midfield slowly as the season has progressed and they have weapons that I do not want to see.

Metalist Kharkiv: Seriously if you have never seen them, they are terrifying. TERRIFYING.


Racing Genk: They lost their best player from last season and have underperformed domestically in Belgium. I don't think they're much of a threat.

Bordeaux: They won a fairly weak group. They've been okay in France, but I think less of them than every other team we could potentially draw.

No matter what, Tottenham are going to end up against a decent team. If Genk and Bordeaux are the 'dream' draws, Spurs' knockout stage tie is going to be tough. Who do you want to see, or avoid?