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UEFA Europa League draw: Open thread

Chat away, Spurs fans.

Denis Doyle

Happy not really Spursday, Spursland. Today, Tottenham Hotspur find out who they'll be playing in the knockout stage of the UEFA Europa League. It could be a monster or it could be a very beatable team. It could be a nice vacation to beautiful and sunny southern Europe, or it could be a trip to somewhere very, very cold.

If you missed it yesterday, here are the possibilities. I really do not want to see Dnipro, Metalist, Anzhi, Rubin or Zenit. Seriously, what a crappy trip that would be.

This is your open thread to discuss the draw, what you want for Tottenham, what you think of other teams' draws, etc. Also, discuss the Champions League here if you want, since we didn't have a thread for that. You can find our short previews for every Champions League series, along with the draw itself, right here at SB Nation.

Chat away, ladies and gentlemen.