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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 21, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur news and links.

Stu Forster

The world is ending, Spursland! So lets just punch out on work and go to the bar? Everybody in? Good, that's the can-do spirit I like to see and one which will rescue our collective economies.

And now the "news"

Parker Pleased To Be Back- Sky Sports

We are all pleased Scottie is back, but none more than Brixton17, who we conveniently have video of right as she was told Parker was back.

Adebayor Left Out By Tongo- Sky Sports

Anyone feel like left out is the wrong phrasing. You know, since Adebayor was refusing to play for them anyway (it is shockingly about money). What the title should read is something more like, "We Printed This Non-Story In An Effort To Attract Page Views".

Champion's League Round Of 16 Preview- SB Nation Soccer

Nobody cares about this. The really football fans are all about that Europa League...dawg.

Blackburn Manager Storms Out Of Club Christmas Party Because Something Involving A Wig Happened- SB Nation Soccer

Not surprising. Bald men, in my experience, are either the funniest guy in the room or the guy with the worst sense of humor without a lot of grey area in between. Also, doesn't he know that, as the boss, it is his job to buy tequila shots for everyone? That's it. That is the recipe for being the fun boss at the party. Way to suck at your job, Henning Berg.

Carol Of The Bells, Re-Written- Progressive Boink

Carol Of The Bells is a catchy tune. Try to get though one holiday season without humming it. Can't do it, can you? But the problem with it is that nobody knows the words (because they suck), problem now solved.