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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham hotspur News And Links For December 26, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur Boxing Day links

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Bryn Lennon

Happy Boxing Day, Spursland! About every three years or so I forget what Boxing Day is so I look it up. Now, maybe, I am going to the wrong resources for information (the internet), but it seems to me that Boxing day seems a bit condescending. Sure, servants, we made you work on Christmas, but take the next day off. The countess and I can go one day on leftovers and raising our own children. Now have fun with this box of crap and the football.

Like I said, I may be reading this wrong.

And now the "news"

Benteke Could Be Spurs Summer Target- The Guardian

Key word there is summer signing. The absence of #batcountry continues because AVB doesn't get how this stuff works here at Spurs.

Johnny Vertical Is Upset At Being Played On The Left- Telegraph

Yes, we understand that, but sometimes Little Mr. LOL gets hurt and everyone else we could play there just sucks and it so happens that you do not, so shut up and play the game you get payed millions of play. The game that you probably played for free most of your existence and were glad to do it.

VIDEO: This Dick From Alabama Just Made You Look Like A Horrible Horrible Son- SB Nation

I got my dad a coat for Christmas. Me, my sister and one of my brothers split it. I am the worst son ever now, because of this guy. Thanks, buddy.

He Loves You More Than Chinese Food- SB Nation

In case you were wondering what Richard Simmons was doing besides still looking insane.

Ball So Hard: Inside The Woodstock Of Gaming- SB Nation

This must be like black Friday, but just for Mountain Dew Code Red.