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Sunderland vs. Tottenham Hotspur preview: Don't be fooled, the Black Cats are still bad

Tottenham should take all three points from a bad Sunderland team.

Michael Regan

Struggling Sunderland took on Manchester City on Boxing Day in what was sure to be a loss. They wouldn't be able to deal with the defending champions and would fall to a far more expensive and talented team. Apparently nobody told the Black Cats that because they went out and took down the Citizens to renew hope that the team might be turning things around.

Bad news, Sunderland. It's false hope.

Sunderland may have had a fantastic win, but they are still a bad team. There is a reason they are in the bottom half of the table and have looked worse than their results indicate. Coming off of a win over City the hot talk in Sunderland is about fans being banned for standing. Yeah, it's a thrilling place.

When Tottenham Hotspur head to the Stadium of Light on Saturday, it will not be for a result. Spurs will be looking for all three points, something they should get against a bad team. That is especially true because Danny Rose, the Spurs loanee, cannot play, which deprives the Black Cats of one of their best players.

Sunderland's plan will be to use Adam Johnson and James McLean down the wings to pick out Steven Fletcher, which is a fine plan for three fine players, but if the Black Cats want to play on the touchlines against Spurs, Andre Villas-Boas will say, "thank you." Johnson and McLean are no match for Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon. Sunderland doesn't defend the wings as well as Spurs, either.

A wide match is a good one for Tottenham. Then again, ny match against Sunderland should be a good one for Tottenham.

Tottenham are nearing full fitness, are coming off of their best performance of the season and playing a bad team. Three points, nothing less.