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Emmanuel Adebayor "Suspends" His International Career

Tottenham Hotspur's mercurial striker has changed his mind on the status of his international career again.

Shaun Botterill

According to reports, Tottenham Hotspur striker Emmanuel Adebayor has suspended his international career with the Togo National Football team. Adebayor'spublic relations officer Amedodji Blaise has stated:

"Togo international and captain Emmanuel Adebayor hereby brings to the notice of the general public that he is suspending his international career with the Togo team.

"The atmosphere currently prevailing within the Hawks will not help the team achieve its set-out objectives."

The row apparently revolves around match bonuses, which Adebayor sounded off over following a 1-0 win over Morocco on November 14th. Adebayor departs a Togo team that had qualified for the 2013 African Cup of Nations with generally strong form.

Obviously, this decision has huge implications for Tottenham Hotspur. Had Adebayor not left Togo, Spurs would have been left with only one true striker (Jermain Defoe) for large chunks of January and February. The impetus certainly would have been on adding at least one more striker in the January transfer window, very much making it a sellers market.

Now, Tottenham has flexibility entering the January transfer window, as they can look to strengthen while being financially prudent. With Jermain Defoe again hitting a run of form, getting some positive play out of Adebayor will be a great addition to the rising team in itself.