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Roman Pavlyuchenko -- Comrade Vroom -- Is Officially Off To Lokomotiv

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Wow guys. This really happened. Today, even though it didn't need to happen for like six weeks. Tottenham Hotspur have announced via the official club website that they have agreed to sell Roman Pavlyuchenko to Lokomotiv Moscow. Our old friend Comrade Vroom, the man who is best known for his shots into Row Z, was purchased for £14m. While the club has not confirmed a fee, he is believed to have moved to Lokomotiv for £7.5m. This is more than any of us expected to get.

This represents a bit of a departure for Daniel Levy. He's been unwilling to take big losses on players in the past, as everyone knows. He wouldn't sell Giovani dos Santos for less than he paid for him, but Pav is such a lost cause. An aging player on big wages that can't hit the broad side of a barn. Because of Russia's restrictive roster rules, he might still be a great signing for Lokomotiv.

Incredibly, Pav scored 42 goals in 113 appearances for Spurs. Louis Saha has been brought in as a direct replacement.

...I can't believe he's finally gone.

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