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Harry Redknapp Yells At The Evil, Evil Taxman

You won't like 'Arry when he's angry
You won't like 'Arry when he's angry

Today's Harry Redknapp court highlight? He went off on the taxman! You won't like 'Arry when he's angry.

Upset with the interrogation by Dave Manley, Harry let loose on that evil, evil man: "Mr Manley, will you please stop staring at me. I know you are trying to cause me a problem, OK."

That was the highlight of a very heated exchange and I think it's safe to say that Harry won that one. Other highlights include his saying that he didn't know he was signing a six figure bank transfer because his mind was on David Beckham (is 'Arry a sucker for Becks' dreamy eyes?) and that "I am a fantastic football manager."

Basically, everything that comes out of this trial is awesome, so long as you have no interest in that whole legal aspect of it, which is what I'm told the trial is actually for. Jail is bad too. Besides that, I think this whole things is just fantastically entertaining.