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Jamie Redknapp On His Father's Future

Everywhere I go, all I ever seem to see is BANG BANG *click* BANG BANG.
Everywhere I go, all I ever seem to see is BANG BANG *click* BANG BANG.

Did you know that Jamie Redknapp has a column in the Daily Mail? I didn't, because I don't read the Daily Mail. Usually we're not huge fans of linking their stuff, but this is a case of Jamie Redknapp writing his own words, not a story about a transfer or injury. There's no ethical issue here, and no reason to believe that the words aren't credible. In his column for today's Daily Mail, Jamie wrote about his father's trial and his professional future.

Unsurprisingly, Jamie doesn't give anything away, but he's pretty blunt in saying that whatever he wants to do is his choice, and that no one should be mad if he does or does not become England manager. I'm inclined to agree.

Dad is the manager of Tottenham. He loves his job, loves what they have created and believes they are going places. This is the best squad he's ever worked with ... I don't want this to sound selfish, but whatever my dad ends up doing, he has to do what is best for him. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, it's not meant to, but, after what he has been through for the last five years, it has to be his choice. He hasn't been offered the England job, the FA haven't approached Tottenham and Tottenham aren't keen to lose him. That's where we are.

I'm going to spew some opinion with no basis in fact. I think that Harry Redknapp is going to become the next England manager, and I think we're going to get some money/incentives for it. He's not going to be offered the job before the next friendly, even though today's Mirror reported otherwise. That's today's edition of Kevin's unsolicited opinions with absolutely no basis in fact. No, I do not "call this journalism."