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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 13, 2012

"I knew it"-Harry Redknapp probably said
"I knew it"-Harry Redknapp probably said

Happy Monday Spursland! It's a massive day today. We have the epic final of the African Cup of Nations, Ronaldo gave his high school physics teacher the finger and Alex Morgan gets kinda naked. We do indeed live in a very special time.

And now the "news"

A Comparison Between Harry Redknapp And Fabio Capello- The Guardian

David James, yes that David James, pens a fantastic comparison of the styles of Harry and Fabio. It really pulls back the curtain and goes into detailed examples of Harry's famous player management style, which is often talked about, but rarely shown the full light of day. Best line, "Harry is so England, its practically poetic."

"Harry Must Stay" Says Adebayor- Sky Sports

Adebayor gives Harry some high praise in his comments to ESPN. It is just enough to get me wondering that if we manage to keep hold of Redknapp, could that be the key to securing a deal for Ade to stay?

What's happening around SB Nation including Alex Morgan in nothing but body paint after the jump

Photo: Alex Morgan In Nothing But Body Paint- SB Nation Soccer

The picture, which in my opinion has seen some digital touch ups that take away from the magnificence of Alex Morgan's natural beauty, comes complete with a not pig headed, feminist commentary from one Jeremiah Oshan. He simultaneously promotes positive female body image while making the case for more hot female athletes getting naked. Jeremiah single-handedly moved human civilization forward like 10 years here.

VIDEO: Zambia Wins African Cup Of Nations In Greatest Shootout In The History Of Sports- SB Nation Soccer

Ryan Rosenblatt continues his quest to convince everyone of his belief that sports are better than everything, always. I was shivering with emotion watching this and I watched the video after I already knew who won.

Oh Harry We Love You- SB Nation Soccer

Andi Thomas takes down the English sports media for what has turned into an orgy of a coronation for St. Harry of Redknapp.

South Sudan Joins FIFA- SB Nation Soccer

Mozel tov! You will be getting screwed with your pants on by FIFA reps in no time.

VIDEO: Ronaldo Trolls Physics- SB Nation Soccer

Sir, I hate you.

Bill Hamid=Young Charles Barkley

This is the USMNT future, I guess.