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Jurgen Klinsmann Is Not Going To Be The Tottenham Hotspur Manager

Legend. As a player. As a manager? No.
Legend. As a player. As a manager? No.

Over the weekend, there was a rubbish report published at The Mirror. It said that Tottenham Hotspur are going to be looking for a new manager soon because Harry Redknapp leaving for England is a foregone conclusion, and that Jurgen Klinsmann could be a potential replacement.

This EXCLUSIVE didn't have any quotes or cite a source. Seriously, they couldn't even be arsed to pull the nonsense "sources close to Daniel Levy/Jurgen Klinsmann told The Mirror" routine. It's just some guy writing his thoughts. It's incredibly silly.

Much like the also stupid Robin van Persie to Real Madrid story that MARCA printed -- which at least had some modified, out of context quotes instead of NOTHING -- did to Arsenal fans, this story sent some Tottenham supporters, but mostly USMNT fans on message boards, twitter and facebook into a tizzy. They all collectively lost their ish, even though Klinsmann hasn't done anything particularly good or bad as USMNT manager.

This is our regular reminder: Don't read The Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Mail, or MARCA. They all print nonsense, all the time. If they say something legit, The Guardian or The BBC will have it 30 minutes later anyway. Thanks! We'll have something up about actual football later, I hope.