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Harry Redknapp Needs A Lesson In Shut The Hell Up

Mouth. Closed.
Mouth. Closed.

Harry Redknapp is linked to the England job and by the time the Three Lions take to the field at Euro this summer, he will probably be England manager. Fine. We're not going to fight that and pretend like it is not going to happen because it is and we will be left wringing our hands while Daniel Levy searches for the next Tottenham manager this summer. In the meantime though, can Harry just focus on the job he has, or at least not invite more speculation about his impending move?

Of course he can't. If he could then he just wouldn't be Harry, but really, now is not a good time to speculate about the England team.

"Let's be honest, you would love to have Paul Scholes in the Euros this year," Harry said. "He'd be in your team, he's that good. Whoever's there would love to take him, I'm sure. You'd love him to play. He plays like the Spaniards, like Xavi [Hernández] or [Andrés] Iniesta. He does not give the ball away."

"You need men in your side, you need characters if you are going to win anything," Harry said, referencing all of those top lads. "Frank [Lampard] is still a top player. You write Frank off at your peril. He's still a top player in my opinion. Stevie Gerrard is still a top-class player. We have got some good players in our midfield."

"I think there are some good candidates," but Harry still had some praise for a Spur, eventually and kind of. "Gerrard is a good candidate. Stevie Gerrard is a fantastic player. There are one or two who could do it. Scottie [Parker] could do it, for sure, but so could Steve."

See, Harry, this just ramps up speculation. At a time like this, you could just shut up. It would do everyone a load of good. Step one, Keep managing Spurs and their tr'ffic players. Step two, England offers you the job. Step three, you take the job. It's simple and between step one and step two, you do not need to add in a step where you talk about England and make everything unbearable. Step two is coming anyways.

This has been your weekly lesson in shut the hell up. Next week, we'll discuss that reality TV girl whose name I don't know.