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Eden Hazard Has Agreed To Come To Tottenham Hotspur, According To Super Funtacular Report

Apparently he's going to be a Spurs player shortly. Go figure.
Apparently he's going to be a Spurs player shortly. Go figure.

These are my favorite kind of transfer rumors, because we get 20 of them every year and one or none of them comes true. The first one for this summer comes in FEBRUARY. France Football is reporting -- and I'm not joking, you guys -- that Eden Hazard has agreed to join Tottenham Hotspur in the summer. The two clubs just have to agree to a transfer fee.

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How this story comes out in the papers every year, I have no idea. Technically, Hazard shouldn't be able to talk to Spurs about personal terms at the moment, but apparently he did, according to France Football. I don't speak French, so I don't know how legit the outlet is, but since the lack of sourcing and quotes is Mirror-esque, I'm going to guess that's a pretty low level of reporting. Don't shoot the messenger, just felt like I should throw this up since it's making the rounds.

An excerpt:

Désireux de rejoindre la Premier League en fin de saison, Eden Hazard a jeté son dévolu sur Tottenham. Selon nos informations, l'international belge de 21 ans s'est mis d'accord avec le club londonien[.]

So, there you go. Hazard to London. I'll believe it when Daniel Levy or Harry Redknapp admits it.