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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 14, 2012

This is a comfortable position for anyone who isn't me.
This is a comfortable position for anyone who isn't me.

Happy Valentine's Day Spursland! I hope this doesn't find you bent over the stove franticly cooking that egg thing that they made in Moonstruck for your lady, desperately hoping that she doesn't notice that your forgot what day it was, you insensitive self-involved douchenozzle you! But remember Spursland, I will always love you no matter what

Today we got a poop-ton of news, like for realzies

King Content To Leave Contract Talks Until The Summer- Sky Sports

This is not good. King is out of contract at the end of the season and while the idea of him leaving on a free sounds unlikely, it is a big risk. It is one Levy would be unlikely to allow. While King is 31 and has serious knee problems, he would command something on the transfer market and we all know how Danny Boy hates not to squeeze every penny out of a deal. Harry is on record that King needs 20 games played this season to warrant a new deal and he is currently at 15. He would be just as valuable as a coach teaching the finer points of defending to our young defenders as he is playing. The team needs to step up and make a decision now as to his future because losing someone with so much to offer the club either on or off the pitch is not something that big clubs do.

The Guardian Picks Up The Eden Hazard Story- The Guardian

It is basically the same story with no new information, but it is coming from a very reliable English source now so...EVERYBODY ROSTERBATE.

Club Statement On The NDP-

So some changes to the plans have been approved. Progress! Stadium by 2013! WE WILL SIGN MESSI!

SB Nation explodes in epic news coverage after the jump

Portsmouth To Enter Administration, Again- SB Nation Soccer

In my experience, Portsmouth supporters are fantastic people. They deserve better than this.

The Ivory Coast Falls Short Again As Another "Golden Generation" Fades- SB Nation Soccer

The Big Boss Man pens a fantastic look at past teams slapped with the "golden generation" tab. You should read it, especially you young fellas. No appreciation for (recent) history. That's what's wrong with young people today. You just don't know what happened a decade ago. For instance, this happened.

VIDEO: The Biggest Handshake Snub Of The Week- SB Nation Soccer

My opinion of this swings back and forth between deeply troubling and adorable about every 5 seconds.

MLS And The Youth Development System- SB Nation Soccer

A fantastic two part examination of the MLS youth player development system where it is working and where it is going. Dear Europe, we are coming.

Oh Look, More Riots -SB Nation Soccer

Who could have seen this coming!

Short On Big Teams The 2012 African Cup Of Nations Thrilled From Start To Finish- SB Nation Soccer

Noted degenerate and hot dog enthusiast Ryan Rosenblatt looks back at one of the best tournaments in recent memory.

Juan Agudelo With A Baby Tiger Is Adoracute- SB Nation Soccer

You need this in your life. Humanity needs this.

Rangers To Enter Administration- SB Nation Soccer

Dear Scottish football, I am so sorry to have to tell you this. It's over. It's been over for awhile now, but now we just need to say it. You don't matter outside of Scotland, like at all. This doesn't mean that you don't have value or that I like you any less, but let's stop pretending that you are the same as the Dutch league. I hope we can still be friends.