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Tottenham's Plans for Northumberland Stadium Approved

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Welcome news for Spurs supporters this morning, as Tottenham Hotspur has been given a great step forward in the creation of a new stadium in North London. The design improvements to the Northumberland Development Project together with the revisions to the Section 106 planning agreement have been approved following a meeting of the London Borough of Haringey Planning Sub-Committee.

Such permissions from the borough push forward Tottenham's ambition to create a new stadium that can continue to help revitalize the area of Tottenham in light of urban decay and last August's riots. After the collapse of Tottenham's bid to take over the Olympic Bid (and consequently move to Stratford in East London), all of the club's recent moves seem to be aimed at creating a new North London stadium. Tottenham has de-listed it shares from the stock exchange, earned public funding backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson, and seemingly reigned in transfer spending to help fund the supposed £400 million new stadium.

The new stadium would seat 56,250, a 20 thousand person growth from White Hart Lane. The new stadium will have corporate sponsorship, likely ending any hope of the White Hart Lane name being retained. The stadium will remain along the Tottenham High Road, and its construction should not force any disruption to the club.

Daniel Levy's statements on the ruling after the jump:

"We are delighted with these three unanimous decisions and are grateful for the support of the Council and those right across the community who have who expressed such enthusiasm for our plans.

"We welcome the public sector coming together to further regeneration in an area with such a real need. We are proud of our roots in Tottenham and we are committed to seeking to deliver a world class new stadium, associated developments and the ensuing benefits of employment opportunities, economic uplift and community gains.

"There is still much work to be done and we shall keep everyone connected with the Club updated over the coming months with our progress."