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Poll Time! What Do You Want To See In The North London Derby?

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I would like to say that I am not looking past Stevanage and this weekend's FA Cup match, but that would be a lie. I know that a road match against literally anyone in the FA Cup should be taken seriously, and that with our rich history in the FA Cup, we should be dedicating our resources to it and we should be emotionally invested and taking this game very seriously. You know the drill. However, I am very much looking past Stevenage to the North London Derby. Sorry, I guess I'm just a silly American that doesn't understand the cup's history.

Against Newcastle, as everyone here knows, Tottenham played with their old 4-4-2. Because Rafael Van der Vaart is injured, pushing Luka Modric up the pitch is sacrilege and starting Giovani dos Santos is only done for the lulz, Louis Saha partnered Emmanuel Adebayor up top. It was awesome. They combined for three of Spurs' five goals and looked like they had spent a decade playing together.

I'm going to ask now, and I'll ask a couple more times before the game: What do you want to see in the NLD, in terms of how we set up our two most forward central players. Or, do we have one center forward? I feel like, as the game draws nearer and we discuss this, our opinions might change. For the purposes of this exercise, everyone is 100 percent fit.

Vote away and discuss in the comments.