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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links February 15, 2012

"Oh no, A poor person must have touched me!"
"Oh no, A poor person must have touched me!"

Happy Wednesday Spursland! Awaken, my lovelies, from your candy heart induced coma and discover the good news of the day. That Brazilian we want to sign, the young one, we signed him. Oh yeah, we is going placez!

And now the "news"

Spurs Sign Brazilian Starlet To Loan Deal- Sky Sports

The move is said to come with an option to buy this summer, but much more important than the deal is LOOK AT HARRY'S FACE IN THAT PICTURE!!!!! He looks like he just took the biggest bong hit in the world.

San Jose Take Dawkins On Loan Again- San Jose Official Team Site

Dawkins, now 24, is basically done with his developmental process. I really don't see why we don't just offer to sell him to San jose outright.

Spurs Withdraw 16 Million for Public Works From Stadium Plans- BBC

The money which had previously been a requirement from the Haringey Council was slated to build low cost homes, school facilities and expand infrastructure. When Spurs (Dan Levy) told the council that this portion of the budget made the plans unviable, the council promptly caved and retreated. They are desperate for any investment into the area after the summer's riots and this just shows how desperate. It is unfortunate that the club is bending the community over a barrel though.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

STATS: Stock Brokers Don't Do Their Jobs When The Football Is On- SB Nation Soccer

The numbers from South America are truly mind boggling. Wall Street was only slightly more on task. It is no wonder nobody has a job. Damn you fat cats!

VIDEO: Real Salt Lake Supporters Make Awesome Promo- SB Nation Soccer

Excuse me whiie I make a frantic call to the heads of Barra Brava. Game done changed.

The Best Of The Best: UEFA Fantasy All Star Teams- SB Nation Soccer

Five SB Nation Soccer writers including The Big Boss Man and Cured Meat Aficionado pick their best 16's out of all the players in this year Champions League with one from each team. This is worth a click just for the entertainment value of the team names chosen. Spoiler alert: Kevin's is not up to his usual standards of awesomeness. His team is pretty good though. Editor's note: Kevin refused to submit a team name (he was scurred) so he was assigned a stupid one.