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Sao Paulo Announces Bruno Uvini Loan And View To Transfer

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We learned yesterday that Tottenham Hotspur would be bringing in Bruno Uvini on what was at least a trial, with rumors circulating that Tottenham had already agreed to buy the defender from Sao Paulo. The Brazilian club has now spoken on the matter, so yay, no more speculating! Bruno Uvini will be joining Tottenham on loan until May 31, at which point Spurs will purchase him from Sao Paulo. The two parties have already agreed on a fee.

Uvini has the goal of playing for Brazil in the Olympics in London, and believes that training with Tottenham and playing reserve games will help him do that. Said Bruno:

"É uma grande oportunidade que surgiu e não podia deixar passar. Já fazia um tempo que estávamos conversando e o Tottenham é um grande clube, com visibilidade mundial, e pediu para que eu já me apresentasse. Serão três meses para me adaptar ao futebol inglês, ao clube e à cultura. Vou ter um grande crescimento profissional e pessoal com esta escolha."

Roughly translated, he said that Tottenham is a big club and that he couldn't pass up the opportunity. He thinks that this is a good way to adjust to English football, the language and the culture before he joins the club on a permanent basis.