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Louis Saha Has Gareth Bale Convinced, But How About You?

Saha got two, but is that enough to set off the green light?
Saha got two, but is that enough to set off the green light?

Louis Saha had himself quite the starting debut on Saturday for Tottenham. He scored a couple goals and was central in Spurs' best match of the season as they tore apart Newcastle. If there was any doubt before, on Saturday the deadline day capture of Saha proved to be a brilliant one, right? It sealed the deal for Gareth Bale.

"He played fantastic," Bale told Spurs’ website. "We all know what he’s capable of, we’ve played against him year after year. He’s always been a threat against us and to have him on our team now is a real boost. He’s a quality player, scored two goals and thoroughly deserved them.

"He’s shown in training already that he’s a world class player. He’s played at the highest level and we’re delighted to have him."

It is easy to jump on the Saha bandwagon now. He's been in two weeks and has always bagged a pair, equalizing his total at Everton in the first half of the season, but is it enough to prove that signing Saha was a good move?

The primary concern over Saha's signing was his fitness. He's fit at the moment, but that is not a guarantee for the rest of the season. If he does go down hurt, Spurs are down to two strikers with one of those strikers, Jermain Defoe, having battled his fair share of injuries this season. Also, one good match does necessarily not mean months of fine play and his play with the Toffees was less than convincing.

It's still early in Saha's time at Spurs, but does two weeks have you more convinced than you were on deadline day? Do Defoe's continued injury battles have you less convinced his capture was a good one? Or, maybe you say two weeks isn't near enough time and you feel the same today as you did on January 31?