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Redknapp Says He Can Manage England and Spurs in the Short-Term

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Harry Redknapp gave an interview with Abu Dhabi Sports, with a boatload of new quotes coming out of the exchange. Most interesting and relevant to Tottenham is Redknapp admitting that he thinks it is viable to manage both Spurs and England until the European Championships.

"Part-time? In the short term I think it's possible for the European Championships," Redknapp said. "But I think in the long-term it's not possible to manage a club team and manage a national team. "

"I think whoever they give the job to could only do the one job. Maybe for the Euros, it's not such a problem but once the Euros are finished and the new season starts in England, the manager has to be a Premier League manager - if it's someone who manages in the Premier League - or the England manager. To do the two jobs, it would be impossible."

I think every Spurs supporter has expected Harry Redknapp to leave after this season to take the England job, so the idea that Redknapp would manage both teams going forward always seemed an impossibility. But I think most Spurs supporters would be fine with the idea that Redknapp could both finish out the season strong with Tottenham's pursuit of Champions League football and an FA Cup victory, while still having the England job.

With Stuart Pearce managing England's upcoming friendly against the Netherlands, Redknapp wouldn't have any actual games to manage for England until May. With how well Redknapp was able to run the club despite the drama of his court dates and how little he is involved with day to day training, it seems that it's possible for the gaffer to divide his time quite well. Don't be surprised if it comes out that that Redknapp is taking the England job and finishing the season with Tottenham.