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Milos Krasic Snubbed Spurs Loan Deal, But Fine With Zenit St. Petersburg Loan

We don't get it either, Milos
We don't get it either, Milos

Milos Krasic is on the way out at Juventus and making the trip to the Russian cold for a stint with Zenit St. Petersburg, but it is not for good. He'll be going on loan. WAIT! Loan? Is this not the same player who Harry Redknapp said stood in the way of a loan to Tottenham on transfer deadline day because he wanted a permanent move or no move at all? You bet it is.

So what changed between January 31 and February 16? Your guess is as good as anyone's. Nobody seems quite sure why he refused a loan move to Tottenham on the grounds that it was a loan and not a permanent deal, but he's okay with a loan to Zenit. Injuries to Danny and Aleksander Lukovic could have played a role in it as Zenit have lost two key players, opening the door for Krasic every match, which wouldn't have been the case with Aaron Lennon at Tottenham. Still, that is a matter of playing time, not loan versus permanent deal, which was apparently the problem so where did Spurs go wrong?

There is also the possibility that Harry wasn't being 100% truthful when he said the loan versus permanent deal was all that stood between Krasic coming to Spurs. Considering the source, it wouldn't be the most shocking of things. In the end, though, the why doesn't matter so much anymore. Krasic is going to Zenit for the rest of the season and maybe Tottenham will splash some of that Champions League cash in the summer to bring Krasic in. Or maybe not. Who knows anymore.